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how it became an art project

This project started one of these grey depressive day. I was at a low point in my life and suddenly there it was…

Heart shaped horse dropping | photography | art project | humor

a huge horse dung shaped as a heart in the middle of the bicycle path. It made me laugh, I thought “even in deep shit the comfort and warmth of love is still to be found somewhere”, and so I took a picture of it.


From there I just kept seeing harts everywhere, sometimes few, sometimes one at each turn of the head… I kept taking photos of them. The collection grew.

Seeing often people looking puzzled at me taking pictures of dirt on the street, talking to some once in a while, at one point I realize it was going about more than just making me feel better.

I have long had a fascination for dirt, the broken and discarded things. I often see a potential, if not beauty, in it. Recycling is, after all, a natural process. 


Nature does not know garbage. Every fallen out element in it is transformed and reused.

It is simply a question of looking creatively. Drop all judgements, set your mind to a creative mode and try to find what does not meet the eye in the first place when you see something.

All these heart forms have in common is that they all were found, not searched for and certainly not created.


This collection is a nice metaphor of the fluctuations and unexpectedness of life. It stands for the randomness of life and the way we choose to look at things

Also not all the hearts I find are sweet and soft. Some are broken or black, most are dirty, others stained. These hearts do not only represent love, they picture feelings. The heart is a universal symbol of life as it is individually primarily an emotional journey. Love, fear, joy, peace, sadness, anger and hope are feelings that we all share, whoever we are, wherever we come from.


This collection of photo is set to inspire people to look further than their first impression, because in the end we all are more that what we let see.

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