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the Me behind Camille

Hi, I am Camille, a grown-up with the limitless spirit of a child.

Garbage, trash, dirt, the broken, all these " at first sigh" useless things fascinate me. I see some beauty in it. And having a creative mind, I like to look beyond the appearances at the hidden prospects.

In the past, I have been working mostly with discarded fabrics and clothes. Lately my inspiration got more triggered by materials gathered in the nature, like feathers, seeds and nuts, flowers, pieces of wood…

And in-between, I have also been making photos and illustrations. For those works, inspiration mostly comes from light effects, symbols and the fresh way children look at the world.

Oh, and  if you wonder what the M stands for... Well it's the initial of my name, of course.

But it also  stands for MANAIA, a Maori word which Polynesian original meaning is "making beautiful". 

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